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Project Share Program has began for Year 2014.

Summer Enrichment begins June 4th - 12 to 1






June 4th - 11:00 am daily












Welcome to Triumph Youth and Adult Community Development (TYAACD)

Triumph Youth and Adult Community Development Corporation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit faith based organization whose mission is to meet the needs within the community in an effort to help improve the quality of life for families.


We believe by promoting economic stability, literacy, educational enrichment in reading, math, and science programs as well as, reinforcing, teaching, and promoting healthy lifestyles through healthy eating and physical activity, we can change lives, communities, and statistics.

Some of Our Services:

  • TYAACD's Food Bank:  registered food recipients receive food assistance  based on low income guidelines.
  • A.R.C.H.I.E.: receive emergency help through Red Cross for disaster relief services (fire or flood)
  • United Way's 211 Emergency Food Assistance:  receive emergency food services based on emergency situations and low income guidelines.

  • Project Share Satellite Office for American Red Cross of Alabama: Helping Senior Citizens and Disabled individuals with Utility Assistance through the American Red Cross.
  • Literacy/GED Preparation: receive tutoring and preparation for GED testing or learn how to read. Board certified teachers.
  • Summer Feeding Program: receive free meals for children ages 5 to 18 during summer.
  • Summer Enrichment Program: receive tutoring in Math, Reading, and Science during summer months.
  • Referral Services: helping people in any given situation through other organizations.

Help TYAACD Promote A Greener Community:

  • Bring Us Your Old Unwanted Books: just drop them by our office during office hours.
  • Become A Part of Our  Bring a Box-Get a Box Program: food bank recipients bring old food box and receive a new one..
  • Bring Us Your Old Telephone Books and Newspapers: TYAACD recycles unwanted paper to help promote a cleaner community and better environment.

TYAACD Welcomes College Students and Other Volunteers:

  • Become a Volunteer: TYAACD welcomes dedicated public servants and college students who need volunteer and community service hours. Just call our office for scheduling.